How to achieve business effectiveness by managing cultural differences

Lovin' Wine Bar & Bistro, Intrarea Tudor Stefan 26

21 May 2019

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (snacks and drinks included)

About session:

Culture and cultural differences have a greater influence on business effectiveness than we think and it is therefore important for companies to develop the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of their employees. As organizations become more global, mergers and strategic alliances become more common, developing the skills to get the best from different cultures becomes a necessity rather than an option.

Innovation, knowledge sharing and creative problem solving demand collaboration across boundaries of different professions, job functions and organizations, and these activities depend on people’s ability to work with other people who think and act differently from themselves.

During this session Dr. Irina Budrina will talk about how bridging the differences can be achieved through culture management, leadership development and diversity management.

Guest speaker

Dr. Irina Budrina

Intercultural Communication Consultant

Dr. Irina Budrina has a degree in Psychology from Moscow State University, Master’s degree from EMBA program Temple University Japan-USA and PhD from ASE (Romania). She worked with INSEAD Global Leadership Center as well as with International Companies on Intercultural Communication and Cross-Cultural Adaptation.

In 2019 she published her first book „Multiculturalism: United in Diversity: A Romanian Perspective”. The book is based on her very rich and significant encounters with people and organizations in various parts of the world and mainly in Romania.

Born in Russia, Dr. Irina Budrina has been living in Romania for the last 12 years.


Andreea Suciu


Andreea Suciu is the Managing Partner of Suciu | The Employment Law. She has founded the Employment Law Firm after holding the position of Head of Employment & Pensions at one of the most prestigious German law firms in Bucharest.




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