How to Conduct an Effective Employee Evaluation

Enoteca de Savoya, 11 Eugeniu de Savoya Street, Timisoara

19 Mar 2019

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (snacks and drinks included)

About this session: Performance reviews are valuable for both employer and employee. The goals of the employee performance evaluations include the improvement of the employee’s performance and provide evidence of non-discriminatory promotion, pay, and recognition processes. But non-performance can also lead to disciplinary action up to and including employment termination for unsatisfactory work performance.

Thus, giving a review requires more than just saying “nice job” or “needs improvement.” Sometimes, there are issues that need to be addressed and explored in more depth. If you want to inspire your employees to keep up with their work or do better, you’ll need to dive deeper than the traditional review process.
Together with our Guest Speaker, Laura Vladulescu, we’ll do just that – disclose how to conduct an effective employee evaluation.

Guest speaker

Laura Vladulescu

HR Manager, American Superconductor Romania | Psychologist, therapist, coach and trainer, Infinite Life

Laura has 18 years of experience in consultancy and HR management. She has been heading the human resources department at American Superconductor in Timisoara for 5 years.

As a psychologist, coach and trainer Laura offers #Well Being programs for companies that see in their employees more than just a way to achieving goals. With these programs she brings a new perspective on the person as an employee and on human performance in organizations. Through these programs Laura aims to change the prospect of Doing and Having (better results, greater performance) with that of Being. How much do your employees relate to the set goals, to the company values and the required performance?


Andreea Suciu


Andreea Suciu is the Managing Partner of Suciu | The Employment Law. She has founded the Employment Law Firm after holding the position of Head of Employment & Pensions at one of the most prestigious German law firms in Bucharest.




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