HR Roundtable on Working Hours – You Ask, We Answer

Café Boutique Doamna T, 10 Napoca Street (inner courtyard), Cluj-Napoca

26 Feb 2020

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (snacks and drinks included)

About this session:

Employment is one of the largest and fastest changing areas of law, with legislation and case law constantly setting new milestones. Managing employment law compliance in the context of an increasingly competitive environment is becoming more and more demanding. Employment law compliance management thus becomes essential to safeguard your business and avoid fines and costly litigations.

With this in mind, we dedicated this session to one of the most controversial topics – working hours. Any question – from flexible working arrangements, compensation of overtime and weekend work to keeping time records for remote workers – will be clarified in order for you to evaluate your risk position and identify immediate threats.


Andreea Suciu


Andreea Suciu is the Managing Partner of Suciu | The Employment Law. She has founded the Employment Law Firm after holding the position of Head of Employment & Pensions at one of the most prestigious German law firms in Bucharest.




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